Salt is a game about the journey, not the destination. Set sail across an infinite, procedurally generated world exploring uncharted islands, discovering mysterious places, hunting down pirate captains and bosses, going on epic quests, upgrading your ships, hunting and fishing for food, and looting hundreds of rare items throughout your adventure



Explore and Discover

Explore the sea and countless islands, discovering ancient ruins, cultists, merchants, and more. 

Adventure and Quests

Take on dangerous quests filled with bosses and secrets to earn rare loot and uncover lore. 

Gear Up

RPG-style loot system with item rarities and hundreds of weapons, armor, resources, and mysterious items. 

Chart Your Adventure

Use in the in-game map to chart the islands you come across and make note of rare loot or places you discover!

Complete Freedom

Pick a direction and go. Whether it's fighting, exploring, questing, hunting, or crafting, the choice is yours to experience the world the way you want.